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It was all a blur. A quick notification, a few signatures of consent — that was all. He gathered his belongings, climbed into his truck and drove home. How long would the shutdown last? He wasn’t sure. All Jian Yan knew was that for an indefinite amount of time, his world would be a little different. Yan is one of nearly 1 million federal employees who was forced from work for 16 days when the U.S. Government shut down. Aside from the budget negotiations, bill proposals and federal curtailments that resulted  

during the closure, were the personal and familial stresses that arose as a result of employee displacement. As a displaced employee, Yan struggled to situate himself into his diverging role at home. The unfamiliar circumstances left both he and his family in a consistent state of uncertainty, and gradually, exhaustion. He was left waiting for word — any indication — that he could resume his life.